<![CDATA[News and Events]]> http://skills.org.nz/ Latest News en Copyright 2017 2017-05-29T08:14:14+12:00 <![CDATA[News: WIN an Outward Bound Scholarship!]]> http://skills.org.nz/news/win-an-outward-bound-scholarship http://skills.org.nz/news/win-an-outward-bound-scholarship#When:20:48:00Z Do you want to:

  • Meet likeminded apprentices and go on an adventure together?
  • Reach your full potential in your work and personal life?
  • Do all this through a scholarship worth $6,500?

Then Outward Bound may be for you. The Outward Bound BETA Bound course is a personal development experience just for apprentices in New Zealand. Once again this year, The Skills Organisation is offering a full scholarship to 10 of our trainees to take part.

Click here to find out more and enter!

<![CDATA[News: Age no barrier to apprenticeships]]> http://skills.org.nz/news/age-no-barrier-to-apprenticeships http://skills.org.nz/news/age-no-barrier-to-apprenticeships#When:03:22:00Z A rise in apprentices over the age of 50 in Tauranga shows that age should not be a barrier to a fulfilling career change, according to a recent Bay of Plenty Times article.

Marius Schmidt, Industry Manager for Electrotechnology at The Skills Organisation, said that a career in trades can be “very financially rewarding once you are registered and have some years of experience under your belt”.

Read the full article on The Bay of Plenty Times.

<![CDATA[News: Skills and AMP working together on in-house training programme.]]> http://skills.org.nz/news/skills-and-amp-working-together-on-in-house-training-programme http://skills.org.nz/news/skills-and-amp-working-together-on-in-house-training-programme#When:22:35:00Z Leading life insurer and retirement savings provider, AMP has launched a nationally accredited learning and development programme for Customer Service employees designed to build capability, improve retention and enhance customer experience.

The Skills Organisation was responsible for assessing the AMP customer services training programme to ensure it met the standards required by NZQA to achieve accreditation.

The Skills Organisation CEO, Garry Fissenden says: “AMP’s training was already of a high standard and their readiness to take the next step in the learning process shows the value they place on their people and development.

“Businesses willing to formalise their training programmes will see a good return on investment. It also provides enormous benefit to wider industry, in this case, contact centres as it helps promote a culture of service excellence.” Read the full release here.

<![CDATA[News: Skills secures trusted youth employment brand]]> http://skills.org.nz/news/workchoice-brand-set-to-move-to-the-skills-organisation http://skills.org.nz/news/workchoice-brand-set-to-move-to-the-skills-organisation#When:02:19:00Z Youth employment brand, Workchoice, has been at the forefront of initiatives to bridge the education-to-employment gap for more than 20 years. The trusted and respected brand will find a new home in New Zealand’s largest industry training organisation, The Skills Organisation, from 1st October, 2015. Chief executive Garry Fissenden is delighted with the move noting that the Workchoice programmes will sit with the Skills Choice team who are focussed on school-to-work transitions to complement our existing programmes for schools, including Gateway, Bright Sparks, Vocational Pathways, Teacher Professional Development and The Skills Organisation’s ambassador programme.

“The Skills Organisation has partnered with Workchoice for the past three years, and in that time we’ve experienced first-hand the power of their neutral brand in promoting the world of work to our nation’s youth. The Workchoice brand perfectly complements our ground-breaking Got a Trade campaign, and will be a key vehicle for our school-to-work transition services,” explains Mr Fissenden.

The move will strengthen Workchoice programmes, ensuring they remain relevant and effective in maximising the employability of our youth.

Read the full media release here.

Steven Joyce presenting at Teacher's Workchoice Day 2015
Hon. Steven Joyce presenting at Teacher’s Workchoice Day 2015
Particpants at Teacher's Workchoice Day 2015
Participants at Teacher’s Workchoice Day 2015

<![CDATA[News: Recognising public sector excellence]]> http://skills.org.nz/news/recognising-public-sector-excellence http://skills.org.nz/news/recognising-public-sector-excellence#When:02:47:00Z Rachel Tremewan was recently crowned the IPANZ young Professional of the Year. She received a scholarship to Mt Eliza Melbourne Business School, courtesy of The Skills Organisation.
Rachel Tremewan with The Skills Organisation's general manager Rachel Tremewan
Rachel Tremewan with The Skills Organisation’s general manager Gillian Peacock

Waikato parents love Rachel Tremewan. So do Waikato employers.

During her time as youth pathways manager at the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) the 28 year-old’s policy nous and relentless drive saw her double the number of students accessing Wintec’s Waikato Trades Academy.

The academy is a secondary-tertiary partnership which allows year 11, 12 and 13 secondary school students to study at Wintec while still at school.

They gain specific and practical experience and skills in an industry based setting, and the opportunity to move directly into a job or apprenticeship, or further study, on completion of secondary school.

That means more young people in school or employment.

Parents cry with joy at graduations. Employers reach out to the students in their area. Futures are brighter.

Tremewan, however, remains modest. A perfect storm of policy, funding and Ministry approval meant the programme was ready to take to the next level, she says.

But the hard yards were still required.

Helping each of the local principals understand the numbers was crucial.

“I showed them how they could make the programme work. School’s often don’t have a lot of money to play with, but funding for Trades Academy students to take part in the programme comes from the government,” she says.

“Then it was a case of ‘Ok, you have 50 students who are going to be funded this way. You can now afford to pay for another 20 out of the school’s operational funding. So all of a sudden, 70 of your priority learners can access these programmes’.”

Tremewan also worked tirelessly with the Ministry of Education to push alternative funding options, including freeing up funding not being used by the tertiary sector.

“For example, this year we have 475 trades academy places available, but we have 560 students. So the rest of the students are on a different funding model to the trades academy model.”

Her motivation, she says, has always been the young people. And no matter the barrier, the question has been: ‘how can we make this happen?’

“It was incredible to see what the programme was doing for the students ,” she says. “Their futures were brighter and there were obviously so many more in the region who could benefit from it.”

The rewards have come. Wintec tutors talk of the huge differences in the level of engagement of students. They can stretch the trade academy students much further than those who leave school and return to study.

“The difference is the student remains engaged in the secondary school system, as well as getting a head start on their credits required for their apprenticeship,” Tremewan says. “The end product is much more outstanding - and employers are definitely recognising that.”

Rachel Tremewan at Wintec’s Waikato Trades Academy

• Recognised as one of the ‘experts’ on secondary-tertiary partnerships

• 48 students in 2011. 560 students in 2015.

• In 2014, 75% of students achieved 80% of their credits and 87% of all students remained at school or progressed to further education or employment.

• Delivery of three vocational pathway products – targeted specifically at students and their needs.

• Chaired network of private providers and secondary schools for at risk youth.

<![CDATA[News: Elite league players learn about apprenticeships]]> http://skills.org.nz/news/rugby-league-talent-to-receive-career-advice http://skills.org.nz/news/rugby-league-talent-to-receive-career-advice#When:03:02:00Z

Aim high, but prepare for life after sport.

That’s the message The Skills Organisation’s trades ambassador Sam Gascoigne wants NZ’s upcoming league talent to heed.

Mixed Martial Arts fighter Gascoigne addressed the New Zealand Rugby League’s national performance camp on July 13 in Rotorua.

“When I got injured, I was so glad I’d given myself other options,” he says of his decision to complete an apprenticeship and gain a roofing qualification.

“I’ve now got a business, an income and a lifestyle - and I can still compete.”

Gascoigne will be joined by Skills Choice manager Shaun Gear.

“It’s important for young athletes to have a plan B. A career-ending injury can be just a tackle away,” Gear says.

“Having an alternate focus can also keep the mind and body fresh for game day.”

Looking for options for the future? Check out Got A Trade, Got It Made, a national campaign celebrating the skills and value of Kiwi apprentices and trainees.

The Skills Organisation is a proud supporter of New Zealand Rugby League.

<![CDATA[News: Direct Funding Scheme ticket to success]]> http://skills.org.nz/news/vodafone-employees-equipped-for-learning-success-thanks-to-direct-funding-s http://skills.org.nz/news/vodafone-employees-equipped-for-learning-success-thanks-to-direct-funding-s#When:02:52:00Z Vodafone employees can look forward to achieving new national qualifications on the job, thanks to the Tertiary Education Commission’s Direct Funding Scheme (DFS).

Training under the national framework will be contracted to The Skills Organisation.

The DFS gives Vodafone the opportunity to deliver training recognised by the New Zealand Qualifications Framework NZQA.

Vodafone is one of the first large employers to successfully apply for the Government funding, embracing an innovative approach to workplace learning. The programme kicks off from June 2015.

Vodafone HR Director Antony Welton says the program will help retain and attract the best talent, by recognising the transferable skills developed in the workplace.

“A national qualification is lifelong, and hugely valuable to our people. Being able to translate some of our internal training programmes into nationally recognised achievements is a special way of ensuring that we continue to support, grow and develop our people, our most valuable resource.”

Welton adds: “We’re focused on equipping our people with the skills to be successful in their roles. It about creating motivated, high performing teams to support our customers.”

The Skills Organisation chief executive Garry Fissenden said the ITO was “hugely supportive” of Vodafone’s application under the DFS.

“The DFS gives both us and our firms, such as Vodafone, the opportunity to find innovative ways to meet their training needs - while leveraging the capabilities of both parties.”

Fissenden said The Skills Organisation would continue to work closely with Vodafone New Zealand, supporting it to maximise the opportunities from the Direct Funding Scheme.

“It is an initiative that holds plenty of promise. It also provides an opportunity for innovation and different ways of doing business with our large firms,” Fissenden said.

By the end of 2015, Vodafone expects to have supported more than 250 employees to achieve qualifications as part of the training and development scheme.

<![CDATA[News: C4 Group Ltd receives Skills Certified stamp of approval]]> http://skills.org.nz/news/c4-receives-skills-certified-stamp-of-approval http://skills.org.nz/news/c4-receives-skills-certified-stamp-of-approval#When:02:47:00Z Congratulations to registered training provider, C4 Group Ltd, who are the first company to be awarded the Skills Certified stamp of approval.

Skills Certified is a quality assured mark identifying Tertiary Education Organisations (TEOs) who consistently deliver current, relevant and high quality training.

Read more about the C4 Group Ltd’s achievement in the downloadable June/July issue of NZ Security magazine.

The Skills Organisation will be opening applications for other partner training organisations to apply for Skills Certified soon.

Email us for more information.

<![CDATA[News: The Skills Organisation Annual Report 2014]]> http://skills.org.nz/news/the-skills-organisation-annual-report-2014 http://skills.org.nz/news/the-skills-organisation-annual-report-2014#When:02:28:00Z The Skills Organisation Annual Report 2014 is now available online. Printed copies are also available upon request. Please email our support@skills.org.nz to request a copy.

<![CDATA[News: National Certificate in Real Estate (Salesperson) (Level 4) price increase]]> http://skills.org.nz/news/national-certificate-in-real-estate-salesperson-level-4-price-increase http://skills.org.nz/news/national-certificate-in-real-estate-salesperson-level-4-price-increase#When:01:33:00Z From Monday 1 June a price increase for the National Certificate in Real Estate (Salesperson) (Level 4) will take effect. This is the first price change, for candidates undertaking the qualification through The Skills Organisation, since the last Level 4 qualification review in 2010.

At $1,095 (GST inclusive) the cost to undertake this qualification through The Skills Organisation remains highly competitive.

Lance Riesterer, GM of Specialist Trades and Business, The Skills Organisation says the increase reflects our investment in, and ongoing commitment to, ensuring the qualification remains sustainable.

“Candidates accessing the real estate salesperson qualification through The Skills Organisation enjoy a flexible approach to study. With the complete programme available online candidates can pace their study to suit their work, and still complete their qualification within an appropriate timeframe.”

The benefits of training with The Skills Organisation include:

• Flexible approach to starting study

• Immediate access to study materials and resources for the whole programme via Skills online study system

• Lower cost to access the qualification and enter industry

• Access to industry recognised insignia for use on business cards, email and other promotional materials. The insignia demonstrates the professional knowledge gained through studying via The Skills Organisation.

Updated information and training agreements will be available from www.skills.org.nz on Monday 1 June 2015.

The previous cost to undertake this qualification through The Skills Organisation was $994.75 (GST inclusive).

Enrolment enquiries can be directed to 0508 SKILLS (754 557).