Securing the legacy

Ashleigh Kinder

Following in the big strides of her mother, Xzena Rameka (20) from Venue Response Ltd (VR) in Rotorua brings a “dogged determination” and big career ambitions to her security traineeship.

“I always knew that university wasn’t for me but I never wanted to stop learning. Watching my mum go from becoming the first woman in New Zealand to achieve her National Certificate in Security Team Leader (Level 4) to second in charge at VR, I knew security was something I wanted to try.

“During high school I got an office job at VR mananging radios and uniforms and haven’t looked back since.

“Four years on and I have finished my National Certificate in Security (Level 2),” says Xzena.

As Trainer and Assessor at VR, Janine Anderson nominated Xzena for Security Trainee of the Year 2015 at this year’s NZSA Security Awards.

“As a young Maori woman, Xzena was surrounded by experienced personnel but we were instantly impressed by her commitment, determination to learn and big career goals.

“Taking on a trainee is definitely an investment for any company but it pays off in the long run knowing that you’ve made a difference in their life but also added someone to our team who becomes a part of the family.”

Janine’s passion for training and faith in Xzena has paid off.

Winning the 2015 Security Trainee of the Year award, Xzena says it was a humbling experience.

“At one point I was studying full time and working two jobs so it’s been a challenging road with long hours. I’m so excited and grateful to have received this recognition and it gives me the confidence to keep striving for my goals.”

“I think that’s the most important quality a trainee should have; the confidence to communicate and do your job well. Once you have that, everything else falls into place.”

Her ambition doesn’t stop there with sights on a career in border control or the police force.

“That’s what I admire the most about Xzena. She knows what she wants and she has the determination to go out there and get it. We are very proud to have her on our team,” says Tony Parker, Managing Director of VR.

We look forward to seeing what the future hold’s for Xzena as she continues her career journey in security.

Xzena Rameka (R) with VR trainer and assessor, Janine Anderson (L)
Xzena Rameka (R) with VR trainer and assessor, Janine Anderson (L)