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Building high performing workplaces

The Skills Organisation works with organisations to find the best solution to their development needs.

Skills enable us to perform better, help us feel more in control, and give us confidence. Skilled staff help businesses to succeed and employees to feel valued.

Workplace based training offers organisations benefits with minimal disruption. Employers can see improved staff morale and retention rates, increased productivity and profitability, enhanced and consistent skill-levels, and scope to build a reputation as an ‘Employer of Choice’.

For the team there is the opportunity to be recognised for the practical experience they have, the opportunity to access an effective qualifications pathway,and the self confidence to undertake further professional development.

All of our programmes are designed to take place in the workplace as people carry out their normal, everyday duties. It can be completed through a training provider, or through a combination of workplace-based and external training.

Skills support

The Skills Organisation provides advice, information and a variety of resources to assist in the decision to choose and implement national qualifications training in your organisation.

We also have dedicated staff to advise on and support implementation of the national qualifications training and assessment programme.

Regulatory requirements

As part of the requirements for financial adviser authorisation under the Financial Advisers Act 2008 The Skills Organisation provides an assessment framework from which the competency requirements can be met.


Minor changes are being made to the assessment requirements for the Standard Set C unit standards. These changes follow an update of the relevant unit standards.

A new Candidate Assessment Pack for version 2 of unit standards 25650, 25651, 25652, and 25653 will be loaded into the My Skills portal from 1 October 2015. From that time the pack for version 1 will no longer be available. Assessors will start assessing against the new criteria from 1 November, 2015.

Candidates who are already preparing for assessment against version 1 can continue to do so with the objective of being assessed before 1 November.

If candidates are not ready for assessment by 1 November, 2015 and present their evidence based on the version 1 requirements the assessors will be able to manage the process so as to assess against the version 2 requirements and award version 2 of the unit standards.

If you have any questions please call us on 0508 SKILLS (754 557) or email

Workplace based training offers organisations benefits with minimal disruption.