Skills and industry


The Skills Organisation

We are a multi-industry industry training organisation (ITO) and although there is training in our title we are not a training provider.

We work with industry to develop and support national qualifications, promoting the skill needs of our industries in the education and training sector and brokering the delivery of high quality industry training services to companies in our industries. How we work with our industries depends on the training model that best suits them, this includes apprenticeships.

The training we facilitate means employees can continue to earn money while gaining a qualification from the New Zealand Qualification Framework.

Every year we work with approximately 3000 employers and 13,000 employees. Across New Zealand around 145,000 people in approximately 30,000 workplaces are involved with industry training.

As an ITO (appointed by the Government) we have three main tasks we carry out:

  • developing national standards and qualifications to give people the skills and development opportunities to meet the current and future skills needs of our industries
  • develop arrangements for the delivery of industry training (including purchasing of training delivery, monitoring of training, and the assessment of training)
  • providing leadership to industry through identifying current and future skill needs

We also:

  • co-ordinate structured training for employees, both on-job and off-job
  • broker the delivery of industry training services to businesses within our mandated coverage
  • owned by industries, recognised by the government, and receive funding from both government and industry.

Here at the Skills Organisation, we work with industry to develop and support national qualifications, promote the relevant skills needed for our industries and arrange high quality industry training services.