The Skills Organisation has led a number of sector reviews/targeted reviews/TRoQs since 2011 and these reviews continue throughout 2016. The process was in response to concerns raised by government, employers, employees and unions about the clarity and relevance, particularly of vocational qualifications.

The process

NZQA initiated the cross-sector Targeted Review of Qualification (TRoQ) process aiming to:

  • reduce proliferation and duplication in qualifications
  • identify clear qualification pathways
  • ensure qualifications remain useful and relevant
  • ensure qualifications meet the needs of learners, industry, and stakeholders.

TRoQs are a two part process. As the Standard Setting body The Skills Organisation will lead the review process for its industries.
It will call for nominations to the Sector Review Group (SRG) which will include representation from all parts of the sector including industry, industry bodies/associations, Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs), Private Training Establishments (PTEs), and Universities.

Sector Review

The SRG will look at the sector from a strategic perspective.

The results of their work will include:

  • graduate profiles (what a trainee will know, understand and be able to do when they achieve the qualification)
  • strategic purpose statements (these identify why the qualifications should be on the NZQF) for the proposed qualifications.
  • draft qualification pathways that support logical career pathways that will be submitted to NZQA for approval to develop

To be kept up-to-date about the progress of the SRG or to join the wider sector review group mailing list you can contact the project lead to be be added to this list throughout the project.

Qualification development

Upon acceptance by NZQA of the proposed pathways the group will then work to draft qualifications that are fit-for-purpose and will meet the future needs of industry as well as supporting a logical and accessible career pathway for trainees.

Throughout the process updates will be posted online and be distributed through other channels.