6th March 2017 • By John Son

Excellent customer service at the heart of Mercury


When a company goes through a rebrand, there’s one big question: how do they put this new approach into practice and bring it to life for their customers?

For Mercury, who had involved their customers in the creation of their new yellow brand, a significant part of the answer rested on the customer experience, and Mercury’s Contact Centre staff, who talk to their customers every day.


Taking it to the next level

Mercury was already delivering a high level of customer service, and their customer service team had won industry awards. Whether by phone, email, or online chat, the team are committed to helping customers understand Mercury’s services and connect with their energy in the best ways for them.

But certifying their in-house contact centre training programme and aligning it with a national qualification would take their customer service capability to the next level.

This is where Skills came in. Mercury worked closely with Skills to review and modify their in-house training programme so it led to an externally-recognised qualification, the New Zealand Certificate in Contact Centres (Level 3).

Mercury’s Contact Centre Career Pathway programme is now NZQA-accredited. This means that their customer service representatives can now work towards a formal, nationally recognised qualification that recognises the fantastic work they do, simply by doing their normal job and meeting their internal objectives.

“Taking part in our training programme means our people get the chance to achieve a meaningful qualification that recognises the level of skill we have in our Contact Centre team,” said Janet Tautaiolefua, Senior Trainer.

“It is an awesome and gratifying experience,” said Gemma Parado, one of the first graduates of the course.

“I love talking with our customers, and the training and qualification really help me do the best for them. Also, it gave me a chance to really show my kids how learning should never stop!”

Gemma Parodo Mercury2

Gemma walks the red carpet at the graduation ceremony to receive her qualification.


“Helping our customers enjoy energy”

The alignment to a nationally-recognised qualification was about making something great even better. Chief Executive Fraser Whineray is impressed with the multiple benefits that have come from matching Mercury’s training programme with a national qualification.

“For our customers, we can be confident that we’ve got a really well-trained team to help them really enjoy energy!

“For Mercury, the customer experience is a huge part of delivering on our brand, and we’re all proud to be part of that.

“And for the Contact Centre team, this qualification sets us apart as a really great place to work, supporting highly skilled operators.”