Author: Sophie Horgan, MBIE

The Government Regulatory Practice Initiative, known as G-REG, is supported by State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes right through to local government, which shows how big an impact the initiative is having.


Nicole Botherway

Nicole Botherway, Manager Farming Services, Resource Use at the Waikato Regional Council recently completed the New Zealand Certificate in Regulatory Compliance Qualification Operational Knowledge (Level 4). This adds to the Core Knowledge (Level 3) qualification already under her belt.


Nicole presented at the annual G-REG conference last year on the Council’s work around data and risk in the region. After her presentation, Nicole discussed some of the challenges and hurdles with other regulatory colleagues, which brought about a change in the way the council was monitoring dairy farms.


“Regulators can be from departments around New Zealand, in local or central government, but all have a common platform with G-REG, which can provide the opportunity to share and discuss ideas that have worked for other regulators, instead of reinventing the wheel.

“The qualifications give regulators and people in supporting roles, the tools and common language to be on the same page more often.”


The impact of G-REG has reached State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes, who noted his support of the initiative in a recent letter to MBIE Chief Executive Carolyn Tremain.


Mr Hughes says “G-REG’s collaboration to build more frontline capability across central and local government is exactly what I would like to see more of across the public sector and is an excellent example of the spirit of service that underpins our work as public servants.”

In addition to the day-to-day importance of G-REG, Nicole sees the qualifications as a huge step in the right direction for regulators.


“I think what is most important about G-REG is the acknowledgement that regulatory craft is important enough to have its own qualifications, and rightly so because the work we do is crucial to New Zealand and our people.

“Not only that, we are lucky enough to be able to undertake the qualifications in work time, with a support system of people who are working towards them too.”