To maintain your currency as a conflict management trainer you are required to do a refresher course every two years. All instructors who have not attended a refresher course and who have been training for two or more years are required to attend a course by the end of 2019 to maintain their registration. 

Skills maintains a register of all approved instructors; this will be monitored to make sure all approved instructors attend refresher training.


Cost and Length of Course

The cost of the training is $125 and the refresher training takes one full day.


Dates for Upcoming Conflict Management Refresher Courses

Auckland: 14th June 2019 - Quinton Swanson

Auckland: 16th June 2019 - Chris Lawton

Auckland: 17th June 2019 - Quinton Swanson

Christchurch: 20th June 2019 - Quinton Swanson

Auckland: 23rd June 2019 - Chris Lawton

Wellington: 31st August 2019 - Chris Lawton

Auckland: 9th November 2019 - Chris Lawton


How do I sign up for a course?

Skills has partnered with two providers to deliver the refresher courses. To sign up for a refresher course contact the provider directly:


Quinton Swanson:  021 777 971

Chris Lawton:     09 636 7339 or 021 248 4356


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