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meditation genericAll of the concepts discussed in this article can be categorised as being health and wellness orientated workplace practices. Skills can connect you with experts in these fields to support the implementation in your workplace. We also provide a wide array of other workplace learning options to suit all business needs. Visit our careers and courses section on our website, or call 0508 SKILLS to learn more.

Mindfulness and wellness practices were once viewed as the domain of alternative, hippy-type, personalities. However, they are increasingly becoming a common workplace tool as professionals, executives and business leaders seek to improve their personal performance, and the performance of their staff, through holistic methods.

Prominent champions of this self-improvement approach include household names like Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch. Increasingly employers are seeking ‘outside the square’ methods to attract staff - ‘wellbeing’ perks such as flexible working arrangements and on-site yoga are being offered as drawcards to attract top quality staff. 


Wellbeing trends

The HR Trend Institute has published its seven top workplace wellbeing trends, which includes:

The growing acceptance and profile of mindfulness has seen our societal understanding of wellbeing evolve. Once a static concept, there is now a broader awareness that particular skills-sets can be learned and cultivated over time.


Great managers have great ‘EQ’

Meditation is widely thought to be a strong contributor to emotional intelligence and empathy. These are two key personality traits of high performing managers and are critical to business success. Good managers are open to training that can equip staff with the knowledge, techniques and skills needed to drive growth and organisational success. Mindfulness and holistic living practices are increasingly being included with benefits broadly recognised and accepted for increasing workplace and personal productivity. 

There are numerous courses available. These typically cover topics such as:

Arianna Huffington is a big exponent of encouraging her staff to have ‘walking meetings.’ She believes that ‘on-the-move meetings’ spark strong positive feelings, heighten the senses and have often inspired her best and most creative ideas.

Mindfulness teaching is usually centred on positive psychology, including tips on how to be happy, healthy and motivated by focusing on personal strengths, values and purpose. Meditation and mindfulness, helps people achieve much improved stillness and clarity.


Skills embraces Wellness

Here at Skills we have ‘Walkie Talkie Fridays’ in which staff are encouraged to avoid emailing internal staff on Fridays. Instead staff walk over or pick up the phone and talk to their colleagues. We believe this encourages better team work, improved collaboration, clarity around communication and a healthier lifestyle. Similarly, we encourage staff to take their meal breaks away from their desks to provide time to connect with others and be mobile for increased periods of time. We also highly encourage our staff to maintain usual business hours and avoid the creep of work into personal time.

Our CEO believes that we need to look after our staff and is an advocate for mindfulness and wellbeing in the workplace. This ethos has seen personal lives benefit as staff aren’t going home overworked and exhausted. Skills staff are going home with their whole-self not just the left overs at the end of the day. It has been well researched and shown that if people are happy and healthy, the quality of their work will improve and they are more likely to remain loyal to the company.

Many organisations strive for high productivity and reduced human capital costs. Research carried out by Willis Towers Watson revealed that having a healthy and engaged workforce can reduce the cost per employee by more than $1500 - when this is aggregated by employee this can result in huge savings for employers.

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