Leadership hurdles and ideas for overcoming them


Leading diverse teams, across a new digital age and during times of constant change requires both a wide skill set and a certain amount of resilience.

Here at Skills we partner with clients across a range of industries and work with them to build effective teams and develop their workforces. Through this work we’ve noticed common issues that arise again and again when it comes to team leadership. Themes include:

While some people are intuitive leaders, others find it more of an uphill battle. Regardless of the personality type everyone can benefit from training, mentoring and leadership tools. By taking the time to nurture your leaders and invest in their upskilling, you’ll find their confidence will improve, as will their capability to drive performance and bring out the best in their teams.

To help you negotiate some of the common issues organisations face around leadership, we’ve compiled a list of thought pieces and tools to inspire and challenge you.

Leadership Skill Development Skills 

Leadership development


Change management


Developing emotional intelligence


Leadership toolkits


In summary

Leadership development can take numerous forms, from trial and error to mentorship, training and more. The options are endless, the opportunities for growth immense.  If your organisation is looking to provide staff with career pathways into leadership roles or to develop the skills of existing staff, then get in touch and talk to one of our account managers. Our staff can partner with you to map competencies, develop custom solutions and empower staff development to meet strategic goals, all you have to do is make the call.


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