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A key focus for Skills is helping our clients develop the leadership skills to manage, engage and support their staff more effectively.

Recent research by Infometrics shows that New Zealand’s workforce is becoming more diverse than ever. As a result organisations need to adapt their management styles to suit a wider ranges of ages, genders and cultures.

Skills will be running a series of blogs shining the spotlight on initiatives, think pieces and organisations who are leading the way or challenging the status quo in the field of workforce engagement. In addition we’ve compiled a list of articles on the subject that offer useful tools, ideas and research to help in inspire and support leadership professionals. 

NZs Diverse Workforce Skills


Diversity, inclusion & equity


Ethnic & organisational cultures



Bullying & discrimination



If you'd like to talk to someone about boosting staff engagement, encouraging ongoing professional development or nurturing the leadership development of your staff then get in touch, we're here to help. 


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