Apprentice Shout Out: Here’s our $100 Prezzy Card winner

Hamish McCullough at Ross’s Plumbing

“… Hamish is always ready to take on a challenge and he has bought with him his dedication and enthusiasm to the trade as he had for his motor cross bike riding. Hamish was in the top 10 for New Zealand for his age group for motor cross - that takes a lot of commitment and training to reach that level so young. Late last year Hamish was involved in a major project that involved site visits, measuring, making profiles and making up lead cap flashings. This is a part of the trade that is being lost to the industry, but Hamish has shown an aptitude for this skill, now undertakes the manufacture of all the lead flashings that the builder/architect requires. Hamish demonstrates an eagerness to learn, is always asking questions, and applies knowledge gained to expand his skill base and also his ever growing confidence.”