Nothing stays the same for very long and change is all about growth and making things simple. Skills would like to announce some changes to the Roofing Apprenticeship that you need to know about.   

Skills Roofing Qualification Launch

The journey of entering the industry to becoming an expert in a specialised field of roofing is one that all new roofers must take. To help make that path more straightforward for apprentices and employers who take on apprentices, Skills has structured the new programme to now have five strands: 

•   Concrete or Clay Tile Roof

•   Profiled Metal Roof and Wall Cladding 

•   Metal Tile Roof

•   Roof Membrane Systems 

•   Shingle or Slate Roof



Training has been streamlined by grouping all of the membrane content to now fall under one strand. Learning for all strands has been revised to make sure it is up to current industry standards and modernised along with new technological developments.  

The learning material will also be delivered with on-job training, block courses, and online learning. This will give apprentices multiple dimensions to their learning experience.  


Keep the roofing industry in capable hands. Take on an apprentice today. 

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