Skills is excited to announce that new and improved Electrotechnology qualifications are being launched. We work with industries to make sure our qualifications provide employers and industries with the right skills. A part of this process is to update qualifications that refer to outdated technology or need to include new market developments, keeping them relevant to New Zealand’s workforce.


Qualifications being updated

This process has been underway for the Electrotechnology qualifications listed below:

  • New Zealand Certificate in Electrotechnology (Level 3)
  • New Zealand Certificate in Electronic Security (Level 4)
  • New Zealand Certificate in Electronic Engineering (Level 4)
  • New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Installation and Service) (Level 4) (includes Appliance Servicing)
  • New Zealand Certificate in Customer Premises Systems (Level 4)

These qualifications will replace the old National Certificates in Electrotechnology and Electronic Security. *


What will change?

Part of this review looks at the best way for qualifications to work for industry, including block course and online learning, and on-job training.

The best way to make sure learners get valuable, high-quality training, is for Skills to work together with specialist training providers; we chose to work with New Zealand’s Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) and E-tec. While the qualifications are being offered by MIT, training will be carried out on their behalf by E-tec - a training provider with state-of-the-art facilities in East Tamaki, Auckland.

The new qualifications use an apprenticeship model; a mix of on-job learning and online theory learning. There will be no requirement to attend block courses, so there’s no need to take time off work. Practical assessments can be completed in the workplace, with verification by a workplace supervisor.



Levels 3 and 4

The Level 3 programme is now open for enrolment, while the Level 4 programmes are currently under development. To be notified when the Level 4 programmes are open for enrolment, please register your interest with E-tec.

The Level 3 programme forms part of the Level 4 programme, meaning learners who enrol into Level 3 now won’t need to complete those unit standards later as part of the Level 4 programme.

We believe this model will help businesses upskill their staff and keep industry training accessible to new entrants to the workforce. These courses are eligible for both the government’s fees-free policy and student loans.


For more information, including information on fees and how to enrol, please visit E-tec or contact Carine Vaccari from E-tec on 022 568 6671 /

*Please note, if you hold a Level 3 National Certificate with specialisation in Electronic Security, you may still enrol into the Level 4 National Certificate in Electronic Security.