Co-ordinated Incident Management Systems (CIMS) Level 5 unit standards available for feedback

Skills and the CIMS level 5 unit standard Working Groups now invite the wider sector and New Zealand Public to provide feedback on the final draft unit standards in Intelligence, Planning, Operations and Logistics.

You will note that each function has two standards, an ‘A’ and a ‘B’. The ‘A’ standard is knowledge based and the ‘B’ standard is predominantly applied. This has been done to enhance the utility of the standards.

Click on the links below and send your feedback for the draft unit standards to Jeanie Chew by 8th November 2019.


In providing feedback you may like to consider:


The unit standards have been drafted and reviewed over a long period, with focused consultation with subject matter experts. The unit standards have been developed to align with the CIMS 3rd edition.