Co-ordinated Incident Management Systems (CIMS5) Unit Standard Review Feedback

Skills and the CIMS5 Working Groups now invite the wider sector and New Zealand Public to provide feedback on the initial draft unit standards for CIMS5.

Click on the links below and send your feedback for the initial draft unit standards to Te Oho Reedy by 14th September 2018.

Skills is aware that the CIMS second edition is currently under review as part of the standard five-yearly continuous improvement cycle. The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management are leading the review and the target date for the publication of CIMS 3rd edition is July 2019.

As we progress the work on the CIMS unit standard revisions at level 5, we are mindful of the review and the fact that there may be changes to the CIMS manual. To help mitigate the risk, we have been careful to ensure the wording in the unit standard refers to the primary reference where relevant (meaning that even if there are changes to the manual, the unit standard should still align with the manual). There are obviously limitations to this approach however as ultimately, we cannot be sure as to what level of change we might see in the 3rd edition of CIMS.

Another option available to us is to hold off registering the CIMS level 5 unit standards with NZQA until we have seen at least the draft version of the CIMS 3rd edition. The target date for completion of the second draft is November 2018.

At this point in time, we have not yet made a decision on our approach. We expect however, to be in a position to make one in the near future as more information comes to hand.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Why is there an outcome based on describing the role of the function, when this is covered in CIMS4?
The purpose of this outcome is to add more depth as to the purpose of the function and how it interacts with other functions.

2. Why are these unit standards pitched at the participation within a team rather than leading?
Not all members of the team will be in a position to lead or manage. If the unit standards emphasise leadership then there will be a barrier to assessing these unit standards. We are looking at alternative options for those in a leadership position for these functions. This will be explored in more detail throughout the end of 2018 and early 2019.

3. Will unit standards be drafted for other functions such as Welfare and Public Information Management?
The intention is to also draft standards for Welfare and Public Information Management. As to when this will happen, we are not 100% sure yet but will explore this in more detail once we have completed the work on the level 5 standards in Intelligence, Planning, Operations and Logistics.