Draft Level 4 Qualification for Electricians available for feedback  


New Zealand qualifications must be reviewed every five years to confirm the qualification remains relevant and fit for purpose for the industry.

The 2019 Consultation Group have reviewed and developed a qualification.

This document provides insights to overall changes and instructions about the feedback we need from you.


Proposed changes

Purpose of version 2 draft qualification: to produce graduates who will become commercially competent registered electricians, who are able to install, test, commission, and maintain electrical installations and equipment safely, and in accordance with the Electricity Act 1992.

Qualification Title: New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering Level 4 with strands in Electrician and Electricity Supply

Strands: This qualification will have two strands to differentiate between Electricians and Electricity Supply Electricians.

                   On-job unit standards or modules of learning to be in delivered in domestic, commercial, or industrial context

Electricity Supply strand – For electricians working in Supply workplace environments:

        Relevant supply unit standards will be developed by Connexis.

Graduate profile outcomes: The graduate profile outcomes are fundamentally unchanged. Amendments are done to make sure the graduate profile outcomes meet the EWRB 55 Essential Performance Capabilities.

Credits: The Consultation Group will look at the credit values in the qualification in the next meeting.


What we need from you?

We now invite you to review and provide feedback on the qualification. The draft includes comments which explains what is required within each section of the qualification.


You can  Provide Feedback Online  or Email your Feedback about the questions below to Doris Pearson by close of business 22 July 2019.

1. When reviewing the draft qualification, read through, and answer the questions below:


2. Help define commercially competent, which is used to describe the standard and quality a person must perform at. Let us know whether you agree with; have amendments to the proposed definition; or have a completely different definition

Current definition


Proposed definition


the application of practical activities that must be satisfactorily demonstrated within a time frame within which a competent person at this level could reasonably be expected to perform the task, and reliably achieve the accepted industry practice outcomes with regard to quality, safety, and commercial viability under the required range of workplace conditions.


Commercial competence refers to an individual’s ability to apply or use their skills, knowledge and abilities to perform tasks successfully, consistently, and within industry acceptable time frames.




3. Those in domestic; commercial; and industrial:

Note: ‘context’ can be managed at unit standard level


4. Electricity Supply representatives only:

This helps prove to NZQA that there are differences between the strands despite the similar wording/ outcome/ capabilities).


Thank you for your involvement and contribution to help the electrical industry produce graduates that meet the needs of New Zealand.


Note: consultation for the New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering Level 3 and Level 5 will occur later.