Public Sector Unit Standard Review (Level 3 and Level 4) available for feedback

The Skills Organisation would like to invite the Public Sector to review and provide feedback on the following unit standards below.

 Skills has prepared the following unit standards to support development of a programme which will allow candidates to provide evidence for the Graduate Profile Outcomes of:

(The unit standard standards have been designed to meet the requirements of both central and local government, in keeping with the new New Zealand qualifications as developed).

 Please send feedback by 12 October 2018 to Jeanie Chew 


Level 3 unit standards:

 Level 4 unit standards:

 Note: the above standards have been developed or reviewed to meet Graduate Profile Outcomes (GPOs) as shown in the matrix for each qualification: 

 In providing feedback you may like to consider:


The unit standards have been drafted and reviewed over a long period, with focused consultation with some key organisations including LGNZ, WCC, MSD, MPI, Customs, Department of Corrections, SOLGM, Te Puni Kokiri, Whakatane District Council, and Housing New Zealand.  Other stakeholders were invited to comment during the developmental phase.