Assessors are central to workplace training

Assessors play a key role in supporting learners throughout the training and assessment process.

The Skills Organisation works with industries to develop assessment material based on a collection of evidence model. To gain credits for a unit standard, learners have to demonstrate that they are competent.

Assessment involves the collection and recording of evidence demonstrating a persons competence in each unit standard for which they are seeking credit. This evidence can be gathered by observing normal day-to-day work, from the organisatons records, team leader’s/manager’s verification, questionnaires completed, and verbal discussions.

Becoming an Assessor

To become a registered assessor, you must meet the criteria set out below. You will also find further useful information in the Assessor Guidelines.

Read the Registered Workplace Assessor Code of Practice

Generic workplace assessor criteria

Industry specific workplace assessor criteria

To assess in the industries listed below, you must meet the criteria listed for them on the links below:

Contract Workplace Assessors - please read our Contract Workplace Assessors criteria.

For Emergency Management, Fire and Rescue, and Civil Defence enquiries please call us or email

Assessor Application

To become a registered assessor, please complete the relevant industry Application Form from the links below:

Once your application has been processed, we'll send you a link to access an online portal to the 'Skills Assessor Induction'. Upon completion, you'll receive your Assessor Registration details.

Assessment Appeals Process

If learners feel they have not been assessed fairly they can appeal the result of the assessment. For more information please contact our Moderation and Assessment team. We will process the appeal - you will need to complete the following steps: