We’re at Level 2 now and we are starting to see our lives freeing up a little more. Please keep up your great efforts working with the protocols. Yes there are some parties that are not complying like you are – but let’s continue to be the example, not the problem.

We certainly saw some great help from the budget in the area of trade training. RANZ lobbied and were heard at the COVID Response Committee about what should be done to protect training and trainees; we received an email after the funding announcement from one of the Response Committee MP’s confirming that we had put forward a “compelling story”.

When we know the details about the support on offer, we will get that information to you. That it should not cost to get your people qualified is the general view. From July 1 there will be funding available for courses, including in construction. The Budget allocates $320m for targeted investment for free trades training in critical industries and $412m for employers to keep training their apprentices. Of course, right now, your focus will be on operating in the here and now, but you will emerge from this. The best-placed will be those that have bridged the skills shortage through training, as they lift themselves and their people up and forward.

While we have mainly focused on COVID 19 Protocols lately – make sure that your usual robust approach to Health and Safety is in place and functioning. WorkSafe has just released some updated information about First Aid requirements – see those at the link here. And remember to use your RANZ promo code (ROO11111) if you register for St John’s First Aid courses

RANZ is right behind Mates in Construction and the tough, but very necessary work supporting those that are needing help in getting through. There is no easy way to help your people or yourself to deal with and manage mental health. We need to give people access to helpful resources – check some out at this link: mates.net.nz.

And it does take more than a notice on the lunchroom notice board. It’s about reaching out to mates and mates being able to listen; it’s about asking for help. I lost a mate to suicide after the GFC and not one of us around him knew that he was struggling. I can acknowledge that we were not as aware around mental health back then. And so now, I can’t help but look back with today’s knowledge and think – what might have been done to help? Please do share and use these support resources and work on supporting each other. 

Apparently on the AM Show, Mark Richardson exclaimed that for his pick of any trade, that he would want to be a roofer because of the fresh air, heights and roof-shouts! Join us on the comments of this AM trades poll on Facebook here if you like, putting it out there too, for the top trades option being in roofing! 

Stay Safe, Stay Well. 

Graham Moor
Chief Executive Officer, Roofing Association of New Zealand