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Alternative Pathways for Individuals now open


What is the Alternative Pathway for Individuals?

Skills has developed the Alternative Pathway for Individuals – an assessment process for people who wish to demonstrate that they meet the competence, knowledge, and skill requirements of the new Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Services. If you are an experienced adviser but do not meet any of the other specified ways of demonstrating the standard, this process is for you.

The Alternative Pathway process evaluates a person’s experience, demonstrated by a portfolio of evidence, and alternative qualifications where applicable, against the outcomes of the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Service, Level 5, Version 2.

What will I achieve?

Successful applicants will receive a letter from Skills to confirm they have met the capabilities equivalent to the relevant Level 5 qualification outcomes – as outlined in Part 2, Standard 6 of the new Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services.

Awarding of the qualification is not an outcome of this process. If you would like to achieve the qualification, you should talk to one of the Training Providers.

This alternative pathway assessment will allow an individual to demonstrate competence, knowledge, and skill in an objective, measurable and independently verifiable manner, in line with the expectations under the commentary in Part 2 of the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services.

How does the Alternative Pathway for Individuals work?

You will need to meet entry requirements to be eligible for this pathway. Then you will need to collate and submit a portfolio of evidence showing you meet the required competencies. This will be evaluated by a registered Financial Services assessor  As part of the process, the assessor will contact you to arrange a time to have a competency discussion about the evidence you have provided and to gain insight into your experience, knowledge, and skills.. If you have any questions along the way, we’re here to help.

If anyone is unsure whether this is the right pathway for them, they should discuss their options with their compliance consultants.

You can view full details and apply here.