ROVE governance roles in progress

ROVE governance roles in progress

New Workforce Development Councils formally established

On May 13th, the six Orders in Council to establish the new Workforce Development Councils were published to the New Zealand Gazette. The Orders will come into effect in 28 days’ time, around the 11th of June.

The Minister advises they received feedback from 214 respondents which were used to inform the drafting of the Orders. Over the coming weeks Government will release key documents related to the Orders in Council process. They advise the RoVE team is now working to confirm people into governance roles in the WDCs and will complete this before the end of June.

Te Pūkenga to offer face-to-face updates in June

Te Pukenga planning visits

Face-to-face updates coming in June

Te Pūkenga is planning to conduct a series of face-to-face updates in June. Also known as the New Zealand Insitute of Skills and Technology, Te Pūkenga is a public network of regionally accessible vocational education which brings together the 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs).

The upcoming visits will provide an opportunity for Te Pūkenga to connect directly with the network and community and hear feedback on our collective progress to reform New Zealand’s vocational education system.

Executive Leadership Team members will be part of these discussions, which will be focused on providing an update on the development of the operating model alongside progress with other transformation programmes and Te Pūkenga activity.

The visits will begin on Thursday, 10 June with most regions visited over the following three weeks. Each hui will include a main session (approx. 2.5 hours long) and will include opportunities for attendees to provide feedback and ask questions. All sessions will be open to anyone who would like to attend.

In some locations there will be specific updates and sessions on areas such as Academic Regulations and a direct update for local employers; further details on this will be provided soon.

Two online sessions and a recording from an early session will be made available on the Te Pūkenga website for those who can’t attend the in-person visits.