Civil Defence Review 

Express your interest to participate in the Civil Defence Unit Standard Review 2021 

Skills is calling for expressions of interest to participate in reviewing the Civil Defence unit standards.

Please complete the Expression of Interest form by close of business Friday 19 March 2021.  All members will be selected and contacted on Monday 22 March 2021. 

This review is now closed.


    Selected members will form a working group who will:

    • Provide critique during the review of the unit standards
    • Consult with networks and consider feedback from the wider consultation group and communicate this to The Skills Organisation.
    • Provide final endorsement of the qualifications prior to submission to NZQA.

    Interested persons should consider the following:

    • This is review is voluntary and non-funded by The Skills Organisation
    • Any travel and day costs will be met by each individual
    • Members will be chosen based on their expertise and suitability
    • The duration of this review will be between March – June 2021.

    Review and Expiry of Civil Defence Unit Standards

    Community and Social Services > Civil Defence > Civil Defence Operation (Expiring)

    ID Title Level Credit
    528 Demonstrate survival techniques for a Civil Defence emergency 2 3
    7317 Demonstrate knowledge of the civil defence emergency management (CDEM) general rescue function 2 2
    7321 Process information during an emergency 3 4
    7331 Manage the provision of resources to meet Civil Defence emergency demands 5 5
    7332 Control the movement of people and vehicles at a specified location during a civil defence emergency 2 4
    7334 Demonstrate knowledge of the functions and operations of Civil Defence Emergency Management 2 2
    7335 Demonstrate knowledge of the role and powers of a controller in a declared emergency 2 2
    20473 Rescue casualties at ground level using Civil Defence general rescue techniques 2 3
    20853 Demonstrate knowledge of the establishment and maintenance of a CDEM communications system 3 3
    20854 Operate a Civil Defence Emergency Management communications system 3 3
    22297 Provide initial response at flood incidents 3 4
    22298 Protect personal safety and the safety of others at flood incidents 2 2
    23690 Conduct CDEM operational briefings and debriefings, and issue operational orders 4 3
    23691 Drive civil defence emergency vehicles in operational situations 4 6
    23692 Demonstrate knowledge of driving legislation and CDEM organisation’s standard operational procedures for driving 2 2
    23693 Navigate in urban and rural areas during a CDEM emergency 3 3
    23694 Undertake storm damage operations in a CDEM emergency 3 4
    23695 Provide companion animal welfare during a CDEM emergency 3 3
    23696 Demonstrate knowledge of and provide support at a CDEM emergency operations centre (EOC) 3 3
    24500 Demonstrate knowledge of, and use, CDEM rescue equipment and techniques, and rescue casualties at height 4 4


    Community and Social Services > Civil Defence > Civil Defence Management (Expiring)

    ID Title Level Credit
    7319 Manage mass casualty triage in a civil defence and emergency management (CDEM) emergency 4 3
    7322 Produce a Standard Operating Procedure for a Civil Defence Emergency Management organisation 5 4
    7324 Prepare civil defence and emergency management (CDEM) reduction strategies 5 5
    7325 Establish a Civil Defence Emergency Management section 4 5
    7327 Coordinate a Civil Defence emergency response for a community 4 5
    7328 Act as a Controller in a Civil Defence emergency 6 8
    7329 Manage a central government agency response to a Civil Defence emergency 6 6
    7330 Supervise a welfare centre during an emergency 4 5
    7333 Manage recovery in a civil defence emergency at a local government level 6 5
    23697 Plan, manage and evaluate CDEM exercises 4 6
    23698 Demonstrate knowledge of leadership theory and use it in CDEM situations 4 8
    23701 Develop training and support programmes, and recruit, appoint, and manage CDEM volunteers 5 6
    23702 Coordinate and manage spontaneous volunteers during a CDEM emergency 4 5
    23703 Demonstrate knowledge of the administration of a CDEM volunteer group 2 2


    Community and Social Services > Civil Defence Emergency Management > Civil Defence Emergency Management Response

    ID Title Level Credit
    7336 Demonstrate knowledge of welfare centre functions during an emergency 2 3
    26386 Describe New Zealand’s hazardscape and its management 2 3
    26608 Describe the process for declaring, extending, and terminating a state of emergency 3 2