As you may be aware, Skills is in the process of updating the Learning & Assessment resources for the COA/ Conflict Management unit standards, 27360, 27361, and 27364.

This update of resources will mean the information provided to learners, assessors, and trainers is more up to date and learner experience is improved.

We intend to change the resources, not the processes. Signing up, logging in, reporting etc will all be identical to the current system. Simply the resources seen by all will be new.

In order to make this transition as smooth as possible and to ensure that there is no conflict between the old and new resources for learners and providers, we will be suspending new enrolments for a period of 3 days.

Skills requests that all learners signed up to the current resources are signed off as completed by 5 pm on Monday the 21st Sept.

Conflict Management courses can be run any time in the week before this date, including the weekend (19th and 20th). This will give assessors a full day on the 21st to report credit.

We will then hold all sign-ups from 5.01 pm on Monday the 21st Sept until end-of-day Thursday (24th).

Sign-ups to the new resources can then start on the morning of Friday the 25th.