Our Providers are doing their best in these uncertain times. They have provided on their websites their pandemic plans and efforts to keep all learners and staff safe.

We are updating the information below as soon as we receive it from Providers.


Here is what Providers have told us:

2.00pm – 20 May


Night classes start back next week (week of 25th May 2020).  Usual start time at 5.30 pm, but different classrooms.  Please see below:

                                                                         Tutor                                          UCOL Room

Year 1: Tuesday, 26th:                                 Martin Hill                                 Block 1, Level 1, Room 25  (1-1-25)

Year 3: Tuesday, 26th:                                Gavin Jack                                 Block 7, Level 2, Room 07  (7-2-07)

Year 2: Wednesday, 27th:                          Murray Meek                            Block 1, Level 1, Room 25  (1-1-25)

Midyear Intake 2019: Thursday, 28th:    Hans Van Hutten                     Block 6, Level 1, Room 14  (6-1-14)


Apprentices will have to enter (and exit) through Princess St main door, sanitise hands then go straight up to the classroom.


11.00am – 03 April

Besafe Training:

We are delivering courses online and in a virtual classroom. Where there is a practical component this will be scheduled for a 2 hour block once the alert level allows. Here are the courses scheduled during this time.


11.30am – 24 March

Tai Poutini Polytechnic (TPP):

Students will be sent home from lunchtime today. All face-to-face training is cancelled until further notice.


10am – 24 March

Vertical Horizons:

All face-to-face training is cancelled; we are increasing our online delivery. Please check our website for regular updates.



Please complete any outstanding online theory assessments you may have. We are marking remotely and can also offer support over the phone from 30 March. Please contact your Account Manager for phone support details.



Our plan is to deliver as much as possible online. We have setup the system of online classes, supported by Zoom and Moodle. In addition, staff is able to record classes using Echo360 and post lectures online.

For our day release students, the plan provided by lecturers indicate that we can deliver online a good proportion of the material, while postponing practical classes for the face-to-face delivery later in the year.

Online attendance records will be kept. Please contact us with sick leave requests.

We are still working on assessments, looking at Moodle quiz options. This will be done only if we determine that the assessment can be done in that mode.

Communication will be sent to our students letting them know of Unitec’s commitment.


9am – 24 March


All trainees who have booked their ASPEQ exams will be able to sit their exams until Wednesday 12 noon. All exams after that will be stopped till further notice.

Before trainees book an exam, they must visit the ASPEQ website first.
Those who have booked their exams after this Wednesday 12 noon, will be refunded.

Please note: Trainees studying at E-tec.  E-tec will hold your fees securely until your exam can be rescheduled. If you choose to withdraw from a course, please contact E-tec directly via admin@shift.org.nz and we will arrange for your withdrawal and refund.



All face-to-face training is cancelled. Communication will be set to trainees and employers.



UCOL will not be able to continue face-to-face delivery of Skills apprentice training from today for at least the next 5 weeks to 28 April. They will email relevant workbooks to apprentices.



With regards to Coronavirus 19, WITT would like to advise that for tonight and tomorrow nights only, Roy will be available at WITT for lessons, help and advice or printing course work for any ITO students.

WITT would like to offer Email/Moodle online options to all ITO electrical students. Please download the attached file for login details.



5.30pm – 23 March


The face-to-face classes for NZCEE Year 1 tomorrow are cancelled. There will be online teaching resources made available during the lockdown, which will be communicated soon.


4pm – 23 March


All face-to-face block courses have been cancelled and we are looking at online delivery options.


All face-to-face block courses have been cancelled as of 5pm tonight.


4pm – 23 March


All face-to-face teaching of block courses and night classes have stopped due to COVID-19.



3.40pm – 23 March

Toi Ohomai:

There will be no night classes today. The institute is stopping all face-to-face teaching from Tuesday through to Friday this week, to look at online delivery options.



As of 8pm tonight, there will be no classes for the next 2 weeks while we look at online delivery options. 



3pm – 23 March


Electrical night classes

Year 1 – come in tonight to collect work to carry on with until 4 May. 

Year 2 – come in Tuesday night to be given work to carry on with until 28 April.

Year 3 – come in tonight to be given work to carry on with until 4 May.


Electrical block courses

Postponed until further notice.



Night classes postponed until 6 May.

Block course 2-F we will make contingency later for practicals.

Block course 1-MY postponed until later in the year.



11am – 23 March


All Skills courses are postponed for 4 weeks from today.



All Skills block courses (Plumbing and IMC) and Electrical night classes scheduled this week will go ahead as normal.



Will be moving all courses online.



Skills block courses are running this week.

Friday 27 March is the last day of face-to-face teaching. MIT will be closed from that date until further notice.



All block courses and Electrical night courses are postponed until further notice.