Important Update

For Roofing, Scaffolding or Plumbing, Gasfitting & Drainlaying apprentices



If you are an apprentice in Roofing, Scaffolding or Plumbing Gasfitting & Drainlaying or if you’re an employer with apprentices in these trades, this is an important update you need to be aware of. We have emailed this announcement to both apprentices and employers. 

A new fee has been introduced to discourage non-attendance at block course training.


Helping keep apprenticeships on track

Currently there are long wait times to get apprentices into block course training, due to many training providers operating at max capacity. To give everyone a fair shot at keeping their training on track it’s important that apprentices attend block course training or let us know, in advance, if they can’t.

Please note: Missing a scheduled block course may result in significant delays to an apprenticeship.


Non-attendance fee structure

Notice of non-attendance given before block course starts Fee  $$$ (excluding GST)
10 working days’ or less notice of non-attendance or no notice given Cancellation fee $300

Who pays this fee?

If an apprentice needs to reschedule their block course and incurs a fee, the employer will be invoiced the non-attendance fee. Employers may choose to pass the fee onto the apprentice. Please note: Non-attendance fees still apply even if an apprentice is on a Fees Free programme.


When does this come into effect?

The new policy will come into effect on 01 March 2021.

Who should an apprentice notify if they can’t attend a course?

If an apprentice needs to reschedule their block course attendance, they need to let their Skills Account Manager know as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or want to discuss this new fee further, please get in touch with your Account Manager.

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