Invitation from Te Pukenga to have your say

Te Pūkenga is seeking input from employers and industry regarding the new operating model that will result from the RoVE transitions. They will update participants on the work Te Pukenga has done in the last 6 months. Click here for more information. If you would like to participate, please register here.


Te Raurau Kaiwhakamahi – a conversation for employers with Te Pūkenga

They are visiting seven locations across Aotearoa beginning Tuesday 13 July, with all sessions open to employers, industry representatives and Transitional Industry Training Organisation (TITO) staff. They will also be hosting two online sessions.

In each session they will present an update on the mahi that has been undertaken over the last six months. Part of that mahi includes researching and understanding the challenges employers and learners have with the vocational education and training system and how they might be addressed.

Te Pukenga will be presenting eight new service concepts that have been developed by the co-design team which has been helping Te Pūkenga form its operating model. While these new service concepts have already been tested with a cross section of employers, industry and TITO staff they are now at a stage where they want to test them more broadly. The sessions will run for 2 hours so Te Pukenga can obtain your thoughts and feedback.

Registration is now open for all sessions.

Dates and location

Date Location Time
13-July Whangarei 12pm – 2.00pm
14 July Auckland 10am – 12pm
15 July Tauranga 10am – 12pm
19-July Wellington 10am – 12pm
20-July Napier 10am – 12pm
21-July Christchurch 10am – 12pm
22-July Dunedin 10am – 12pm
28-July Online 9.30 am – 10.45 am
29-July Online 9.30 am – 10.45 am


Note: All venue locations and further detail can be found on the Registration site.