We’ve reached an important milestone in the review of the real estate qualification suite – NZQA has approved the new Level 5 and Level 6 Real Estate qualifications. The Real Estate qualification suite will now cover Level 4 to Level 6.

Please read the press release here.

The next steps will involve collaborating with industry stakeholders to produce new training programmes that meet the Real Estate industry’s high educational standards and expectations. We are working towards these programmes being available for enrolment in early 2022.

In the meantime, we will continue to support learners through their learning journey.

“This is a great opportunity to review qualifications to make sure they’re current,” says Garry Fissenden, CEO at the Skills Organisation. “In this fast-moving industry, it’s important to equip Real Estate professionals with the tools they need to stay ahead.”

To help answer any immediate questions, we have provided an overview of the newly approved qualification framework, a table explaining any qualification pre-requisites, frequently asked questions, an organisation contact list, next steps, and notes. See the FAQs here.

Important note: If you are currently studying for a Branch Manager or Agent qualification, please ensure you keep to the qualification time frame.