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Consultation Report

Consultation Results for the Proposed Real Estate Qualification Suite

We are pleased to announce we have been able to build a robust, fit for purpose and efficient qualification for the long-term success of the real estate industry.  The Skills Organisation (Skills) together with the Real Estate Authority (REA) and the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) aligned to review the qualifications through an industry and public request for consultation.  We now present the results of the qualification review consultation.

The objective of the review and the proposed qualification solution is to ensure that the real estate qualifications suite and delivery programmes are fit for purpose for the industry and meet regulatory requirements. A strong New Zealand qualifications suite is key to supporting high standards of conduct and professionalism across the industry and plays an important role in lifting public confidence in real estate professionals.

On 19 January, consultation launched on the proposed qualification solution. Consultation closed on 22 February. 80 people completed the survey through the Skills website, responding to 12 key questions. In addition, 11 experienced and senior leaders in the industry requested half-hour private consultation sessions which were conducted by Skills with the support of REINZ and REA.

Throughout the consultation period, Skills reviewed the feedback, responded to all individual submissions and relayed pertinent and relevant information to REA and REINZ for their consideration and review. These discussions have provided important insights and are being addressed in the development of the qualifications. The feedback received through the consultation process recorded significant support of the proposed changes.

To view the key themes from the comments click below.

Next steps

Required step


Step 1: Complete review of existing qualifications

Gather feedback from industry and education providers to design an alternative suite


Step 2: Consultation

Invite feedback from industry and the public on the proposed qualification suite.


Step 3: Review submissions and feedback.

Determine whether to edit the final qualification suite based on feedback received.

Complete – deemed fit for purpose

Step 4: Submit final option to NZQA for approval

March 8th 2021

Step 5: Work with Ministry of Justice to complete changes to licensing Regulations and Legislation as required.

April- June 2021

Step 6: Final option approved by NZQA

June 2021

Step 7: Work with training providers to develop training programmes for enrolment. We will be calling for more industry assistance here.

June-December 2021

Step 8: Enrolments open for new learners. Support from training providers with transitional arrangements for existing learners.

To be determined by training providers; with aim of earliest possible release


Proposed Real Estate Qualification Suite Outline