Latest update: 9 September 2021

For most areas outside of Auckland block courses with your provider will recommence from the 20th September.  You will receive email and text notification of block course date changes.

While in lockdown, below is an outline of what you can do to continue your learning:

PGD – (National Certificate Programmes)

  • Review and complete study guides for any upcoming block courses.
  • Study for exams if not yet passed.
  • Check your progress report for missing results or outstanding units and email your account manager so they know what you need to catch up on.

PGD – (New Zealand Certificate Programmes in PD and PGD)

  • Review study guides for your next block course – these are available to all trainees on Skillsbank if you do not have a copy to hand.
  • Year 2 trainees can complete on-job units 30537 & 30526.
  • Year 3 trainees can complete on-job unit – 30549
  • If you have had a block course cancelled that was a Module 2, 3 or 7 you will be receiving an email about attending online tutorials that will start next week. Ensure that you attend these sessions as afterwards you will be able to complete the relevant assessments.
  • Trade Start units 3490, 4249, 30692, 30264. If you have not yet completed any of these units, get them done and once completed send them to for marking.


DRAINLAYING – National Certificate

  • Complete all outstanding theory assessments.


DRAINLAYING  – New Zealand Certificate (DISTANCE)

  • Complete all outstanding theory assessments.
  • Complete on-jobs if competent in the task.


DRAINLAYING – New Zealand Certificate (BLOCK COURSE)

  • Complete all outstanding theory assessments.
  • Complete on-jobs if competent in the tasks.





What next?

Continue to check your emails as we will be in touch with more details about your apprenticeship programme. In the meantime, if you have any issues or questions about your apprenticeship please talk to your Account Manager or contact us on 0508 SKILLS (0508 754 557).