For apprentices enrolled in one of our trade programmes, we want to keep you informed on what is happening with your scheduled block course as  we now head into Alert Level 3.  So, here is some key information to get you up-to-speed. It covers:

  • When we plan to be back up and running, and; 
  • What we are putting in place to keep you progressing in your apprenticeship in the meantime.  

So, when will my block course be back up and running? 

The safety of our apprentices, our providers and all our loved ones is the most important thing, which is why there will be no onsite block courses in Alert Level 3.

We will advise you as soon as any more information is made available and as we get closer to Alert Level 2.  But what this means is that, at this stage, block courses are unlikely to start back until June or July.

So, how do I continue my learning and assessment? 

We have been working on a number of solutions to help you continue the learning and assessment that you would have been completing through your block course(s).  Check out the links below to find out what we are putting in place for your trade programme: 

Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying apprenticeships 

Electrical apprenticeships  

Scaffolding apprenticeships 

Roofing apprenticeships 

All Programmes – on-job assessment

If you have been able to work on your on-job theory assessments while you have been in lock down, we would ask that when you return to work, please discuss them with your Supervisor/Verifier  and then submit them for marking to 

We have also had feedback from Account Managers that some of you may need some support with your assessments.  If this is you, please contact your Account Manager and they will be able to help you find the right assessment support.

Also a quick reminder – if you have any issues accessing Moodle or Skillsbank, just give us a call on 0508 754 5587 or email