Skills has been working really hard to ensure everyone is kept up-to-speed as the current situation progresses. High on our list is our apprentices and the businesses they work within.

Our key focus is on helping our apprentices continue their training – particularly while their day-to-day trade work may have gone quiet. We are working on an Apprenticeship plan that ensures our apprentices complete their apprenticeship within duration so rather than extending their apprenticeship, we want to ensure it continues to the same time frame.

We have also been working closely with our Providers to ensure that apprentices can continue with the theory component of their apprenticeships.

Also, we have moved quickly to take pressure off by giving two weeks fees suspension to apprentices immediately – while we continue to look at all sorts of other options going forward, one of which may be extending the fee suspension further, and/or supporting Employers that are paying their apprentices fees, and/or accessing Skills Hardship policy for those badly impacted.

But, as the COVID 19 situation is constantly evolving, we too need to constantly re-evaluate our approach. We appreciate any feedback as it does help us navigate our way through. We are all in this together and we very much appreciate your support.