For Individuals Seeking to Complete the Level 5 qualification

The Code of Professional Conduct for Authorised Financial Advisers, states that the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5), is the minimum competency standard required for people seeking authorisation. The qualification contains a number of optional strands in specialised areas, and the Code specifies which strands are required for particular classes of authorisation. Although the Code specifies competence alternatives for some of the parts of the qualification, for most people who want to become and Authorised Financial Adviser the Level 5 certificate is a compulsory requirement. 

The qualification is delivered to individuals by a small number of authorised training providers, and we encourage those who are planning to become authorised to contact them.

The current training providers for the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5) are listed below:

Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics

Private Training Establishments


Important Information for Those Completing the Qualification

The Financial Advice strand of the qualification can only be assessed through the Skills centrally administered assessment process. This includes a 1 hour multi-choice exam to demonstrate understanding of the legislative framework and the submission of a portfolio of evidence demonstrating professional advice process and application of legislative responsibilities.

It is important that candidates are aware of the very particular marking criteria which are used for the exam and the portfolio assessment. More information on these criteria can be found in our Financial Advice Strand Assessment Document.

The training providers that are Delegated Assessment Organisations can provide assessment services relating to the portfolio of evidence, but their outcomes are quality assured and reported to NZQA by Skills.

Before you can book an exam or a portfolio assessment you MUST create a Financial Services Candidate account on the My Skills portal. To register, just click the red button below and follow the prompts on your screen.  Your My Skills account also creates the facility whereby Skills reports successful completion of ALL results in the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services to the Financial Markets Authority.


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