First aid is an important life skill that you should be encouraged to learn.

Many people take first aid courses as part of their employment. Many choose to take first aid to support their family and community. 

If you find first aid something you enjoy, or if you're looking to do a first aid refresher to keep your skills current, there are a range of options where you can further add to your skills as your confidence and experience grow.

There are many education providers that can support you in gaining your first aid certificate. For people who are interested in gaining unit standards while getting their first aid certificate, unit standards 6402, 6401, and 6400 are the standards for first aid. To award unit standards, education organisations must meet quality requirements set by industry and NZQA.

Education organisations with NZQA accreditation to train and assess first aid must continue to meet the Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR).
Click here to learn more about “First Aid as Life Skill: Training Requirements for Quality Provision of Unit Standard-based First Aid Training."


Contracted providers for First Aid

If you are a Skills apprentice you may be required to do a recognised First Aid course as a part of your training. Skills has a number of contracted providers, who can assist you with this training.

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