Specialist Investigations Practice Qualification

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For top level regulators to hone their skills


The Specialist Investigations Practice Qualification is the top of the new learning pathway in regulatory practice. It is a Diploma level qualification for those who lead, manage, and conduct complex investigations.

The qualification programme will cover the advanced skills required to carry out these sorts of roles in a regulatory practice environment, including managing complex regulatory compliance investigations, complex and multiple legal angles, uncooperative subjects, risk, and the application of specialised knowledge of the law.

The structure

The qualification is in early stages of development, involving Skills consulting with several local and central government agencies. It is likely to be launched and learners enrolled in early 2019.

As this qualification involves practical elements, it will be carried out through a mixture of the online Learning Management System (LMS) and practical tasks which will be assessed.

The cost

Enrolment costs $1,000 + GST per learner.