Improve capabilities, drive forward the regulatory sector

 An introduction to NZ's Government Regulatory Practice Initiative

Regulatory compliance affects every aspect of our lives from the streets we drive along to the water we drink and the appliances in our homes. 


2014 Productivity Commission report saw an opportunity to build capabilities in this area and in response the Government Regulatory Practice Initiative (G-REG) was created, a network of central and local government organisations. The overall goal - improved professionalism, through government working closer together. 


The new standard - a suite of qualifications

G-REG, together with Skills, have developed a series of qualifications to formalise training and improve leadership, culture, and capability in regulatory practice throughout local and central government. 


The qualifications provide new foundations of understanding for every level of regulator, developed through consultation with over 20 government agencies. Individuals will also learn the wider context of their actions.



The benefits of G-REG and why it has been so widely endorsed


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The benefits
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    Operational capability

    Individuals will improve their capacity to complete regulatory tasks through a stronger foundation of knowledge and understanding. 

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    Staff engagement

    Investing in people will create enthusiasm and passion for the job, at the same time as growing the overall competency of the organisation. 

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    Transferable skills

    These qualifications teach a common language and capability applicable to a wide range of regulatory environments. Individuals will be provided with improved career opportunities.

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    Strong leadership

    The qualifications have been developed with the goal of strengthening government leadership. Staff will gain the knowledge and skills to work collectively to raise the standard of regulatory practice in New Zealand.

The Qualifications


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Core Knowledge  
Operational Knowledge  
Operational Practice  
Specialised Operational Practice  
Specialist Investigations Practice  

Core Knowledge

A new standard for everyone that works in, wants to work in, or is closely associated with, a regulatory organisation. Frontline staff all the way up to CEO level.

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Operational Knowledge

A new standard for those that are either preparing to, or currently carrying out frontline regulatory compliance work.

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Operational Practice

A new standard for those that undertake regulatory compliance operational work.

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Specialised Operational Practice

A new standard for individuals that carry out audits, inspections, investigations or operations as a senior practitioner in the regulatory sector.

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Specialist Investigations Practice

This the top of the new learning pathway in regulatory practice - a Diploma level qualification for those who lead, manage, and conduct complex investigations.

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