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A career in real estate

A career in real estate can be incredibly diverse, giving you the chance to meet people from all walks of life. The rewards are there for those who work hard, with several real estate career pathways to explore.

By gaining a real estate qualification with Skills, you’ll ensure that you meet the industry licensing requirements that are necessary for your career progression.

Most people start off in real estate as a salesperson and begin learning all the ins and outs of working with property. This provides a solid foundation to branch out into other roles in real estate.

Working in real estate, you’ll face many interesting challenges, be exposed to new and exciting opportunities, and start your journey on a financially rewarding career.

Why choose Skills?

Skills has been offering Real Estate qualifications for over ten years. Our qualifications are developed in consultation with the real estate industry

There are other great reasons to study with us:

Get your foot in the industry door.

By training with Skills, you’ll be working and learning directly with a real estate agency. This means you can develop valuable relationships early on and get support and mentoring from your branch manager or supervisor while you learn. You will complete the programme with valuable work experience under your belt.

Training that works around you.

You can start your study when you want and submit assessments at your own pace. We will give you immediate online access to all of the study materials and resources for the programme.

Is real estate for me?

Real estate professionals need a special set of skills and attributes. You’ll need to be:


Over 18 years of age


A ‘fit and proper person’ (this means having no criminal convictions). The REA carries out a police check for all licence applications


Well-presented and professional


Happy with working long and irregular hours, such as on weekends and in the evening


A great networker with strong relationship-building skills


Driven and self-motivated (especially for sales roles, which are commission-based)


Able to understand financial concepts, market trends, and legislation.

Career pathways

New to the industry?

For those with no prior experience working in real estate, becoming a salesperson is the best way to get your foot in the door. Once you find a real estate agency that will host you as a learner, you can enrol in the New Zealand Certificate in Real Estate (Salesperson) (Level 4) programme.

After you complete all of the requirements of the programme, including assessments and a face-to-face interview, you will need to apply for a Salesperson’s licence from the Real Estate Authority (REA). This licence allows you to legally work as a real estate salesperson and sell property within New Zealand.

Please note that you can only apply for the licence after you’ve been awarded the qualification. The licence application is a separate process that is independently managed by REA and can take approximately a month. The sooner you complete the programme and receive your certificate, the sooner you can apply for your licence and start selling property.

Find out more about licensing.

Already have salesperson experience?

Once you have at least three years’ experience as a licensed salesperson, and have completed the relevant qualification, you can apply to be licensed as a branch manager or real estate agent. This opens up your career opportunities, and many real estate salespeople go on to launch their own real estate business.

Skills has developed an assessment process for experienced licensed salespersons to demonstrate that they meet the competence, knowledge, and skills to achieve the New Zealand Certificate in Real Estate (Level 5), version 2. Once achieved, you can apply to REA for a branch manager’s licence.

This type of process is known as ‘Recognition of Current Competence’ or ‘RCC’ and is available through our Recognition New Zealand platform.

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