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Becoming a real estate agent is a fulfilling career choice that can lead to business ownership for motivated individuals.

The National Diploma in Real Estate (Agent) (Level 5) is the first step to take for those wishing to meet the licensing requirements of a real estate agent. It is the ideal qualification for those with plans to own their own real estate business.

Successful completion will allow you to apply for an Agent’s Licence at the Real Estate Authority (REA). To obtain a license, you need to have worked in the industry for at least three of the last 10 years.

As this programme is delivered as an online interactive package, there will be no disruption in its delivery during COVID-19 alert level changes.

What your study covers

The Diploma covers all the papers in the National Certificate in Real Estate (Branch Manager) qualification. If you have already completed the branch manager’s qualification, the credits you achieved count towards the minimum of 170 credits required to achieve the National Diploma in Real Estate (Agent).

Additional papers include:

    • Developing new business plans for real estate firms
    • Directing real estate entities under the Companies Act 1993
    • Identifying, evaluating, and managing risk in a real estate context
    • Developing policies to support real estate best practice

There are also elective study options for residential, business, and rural appraisals.

Programme delivery and duration

This programme is delivered online and you will have instant access to all the study materials and resources you need. You can submit papers as you complete each one at your own pace.

We recommend each paper to be completed within one month. You have a total of 30 months to complete the entire programme.