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Want formal recognition of your industry experience?

Want to arm yourself with marketable skills to boost your confidence?

Whether you’re an experienced property manager looking to get your skills formally recognised or would like to increase your knowledge in property management, getting qualified in Residential Property Management is a great choice. Our courses will arm you with the knowledge and tools you need for business success, and award you with a nationally recognised qualification. Your course choices range from supported online learning, to mentored workshops, in-house training, and assessments only, while a variety of support options ensure a perfect fit for every learner.

About the qualification

The New Zealand Certificate in Residential Property Management (Level 4) will give you not only a formal qualification, but a full set of industry skills. From completing rental appraisals, to managing tenancy disputes, marketing properties and understanding industry legislation, this is the complete course whether you’re relatively new to the industry or a seasoned professional.

The modules covered are:

    • Module 1 – Legal and Theoretical Knowledge
    • Module 2 – Establishing Residential Tenancy Management
    • Module 3 – Establish a Residential Tenancy
    • Module 4 – Maintaining Residential Tenancies

Online deliveries of this programme will have no disruption during this COVID-19 lockdown period.

Choose the programme option that fits you:

Supported Online Training

This option provides learners with valuable support and mentoring from a Real iQ professional. A mentor will manage your progress and offer guidance throughout your training. Learners will have access to full course learning material, Real iQ webinars and Skills online training tools. This programme option will suit learners who aren’t able to attend in-house or public workshops.

Payment Options:
$1,350+GST one-off payment
$292.50+GST monthly instalments over 6 months
Delivery of this programme is through our training partner, Real iQ’s E-Learner option.
Enrol now

Extra support:
If you’re struggling with a module and would like additional support, you can sign up for a RealIQ workshop. Full-day workshops are carried out in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch at an additional cost. If you think you’ll require support across all four course modules, the Workshop Package will better suit your needs as it includes four full-day workshops.
Payment Option: $450+GST
Delivery of the support Bootcamps is through our training partner, Real iQ. Enrol now

Workshop Packages

Option One:
The Real iQ workshop option provides the complete learning experience. Learners will receive the benefits of the Skills online assessment option, plus additional face-to-face support across all four assessment modules. Four days of mentoring and guidance from a Real iQ professional, plus hands-on progress management, will ensure the learner is on track to completing their qualification. This option also allows the learner to engage with their peers and build a network of industry contacts. It is best suited to those able to attend workshops in either Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.

Payment options:
$1,950+GST one-off payment
$407+GST monthly instalments over 6 months
Delivery of this programme is through Real iQ. The online learning and assessment component is delivered through Skills. Enrol now

Option Two:
The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) option supplements the Skills online assessment option by delivering four workshops featuring a variety of industry and expert speakers.

You will start the programme with a group which means you can all follow the same educational journey and have other learners to work with, share learning and support each other. Learners will also be able to register for the REINZ Residential Property Management Accreditation Programme.

Payment options: $POA
Delivery of the workshops is through REINZ. The online learning and assessment component is delivered through Skills. Enrol now.

In-house with Dedicated Trainer

This option will best suit businesses with multiple learners wanting to upskill in the convenience of their own workplace. Learners will have access to full course material, and will benefit from four workshop sessions in their workplace with a dedicated Real iQ trainer.

Payment options: $POA

Delivery of this programme option is through our training partner, Real iQ.

Please email to for more details.


Are you a business with internal trainers and a robust learning support system? If so, this is the best training option for you and your staff. Learning is carried out in your workplace at your pace. Learners and internal trainers will have full access to online learning and assessment tools, plus the option of using a workplace or Skills assessor for course assessments.

Please note – the minimum requirement is for 20 learners per group.

Payment options: $POA

Please contact and the Real Estate Operations team will assist you.

Online Self-directed

This training option is best suited to learners with considerable industry experience who won’t require learning support. While learners will have full access to online course materials, unlike our supported options, there is no support or mentoring, and it is over to the learner to take full control of their study.

Payment options: $994.75 including GST.

Please contact the Real Estate Support Team at email and they will provide more information on the enrollment requirements.