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Tenā koe

Want to earn money while you learn, and set yourself up for a great future? Get started today with Skills.

At Skills, we believe we are all in the same waka. There is a huge amount of talent in our Māori communities, and one of our roles is to inform our people about the career opportunities we have available. We are also here to ensure you receive the training support and encouragement you need to succeed in your learning.

Trying to find your fit?

It can be a hard decision to make. Check out our video where real apprentices talk about their experiences and see how Liam & Sainila have got it made.

Find out more about Liam, our Māori ambassador, and his journey to getting qualified.

How does Skills help you?

Training process

We talk you and your whanau through the training process before it begins. This way, you’ll know what to expect from the beginning right through to the end of your training.

Click here to download the journey map.

Regular meetings

We’ll meet with you regularly to provide you with advice and support, particularly in the early stages of your training.

Need extra support with your learning?

We can help you develop the literacy, numeracy, financial management skills, and personal attitude needed to achieve success.

Meet the Māori team at Skills

Need help with your training? Get in touch with our friendly team today.

Aimee Hutcheson, Māori Adviser
Email: Aimeeh@skills.org.nz