There are steps you can take to support your apprentice throughout their journey. Have a think about whether you can do the following:

  • Communication – Full, frank, and encouraging is heard best. Remember to tell them what they are doing right, not just where they have slipped up.
  • Ask questions – Questions help them relate what they’re learning to what you do daily as an electrician.
  • Reward while training – Have a structure to regularly reward apprentices for progression through their training. For example, this could be a  wage increase when they complete an assessment. This helps to motivate them and keeps them working towards completing their apprenticeship.
  • Regular catch ups - Organise a regular time to sit down with your apprentice and chat about how things are going. Cover issues such as how their off-job and on-job training are going, what they feel good about or are ready to be assessed on, where they need more experience, and any other issues that need your attention. Some apprentices may find it hard to proactively ask for help, so keep an eye out for signs they may need a hand.
  • Working with different generations – From the baby boomers to the millennials, different generations bring their own skills and knowledge to your workplace. You need to be aware of how they think, how they operate, and how to get the most from them. Be prepared to lead the way, and do some research so you can embrace these skillsets and let them grow your business.