Get the most out of an apprentice

To check if you and your business are ready to support and get the most out of an apprentice...

Have a think about the following:
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    The right person to do training

    Do you have someone in your business who can do the training? The closer they work with the trainee, the better. It could be you, a foreman/supervisor, or another employee who is keen to develop their skills and help train apprentices. Need help with any of these? Give us a call on 0508 SKILLS (754 557) and we can point you in the right direction.

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    Taking time off for training

    Apprentices need to attend regular off-job training. This requires time off work. As an employer this may affect your workload while the apprentice is away and you’ll need to plan for it in advance. Your apprentice will be able to tell you when they are required for training.  Most employers pay the apprentice their wages when they are attending daytime courses. If the training provider is not local, the apprentice may also need to organise travel and accommodation during the training.

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    Variety of work

    You will need to provide your apprentice with enough variety of work so they can learn the skills and experience needed to complete their apprenticeship. If you don’t have enough, have a plan to help your apprentice get that experience elsewhere. This is quite common and  apprentices are often swapped or loaned out to help complete their apprenticeship

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