Mr Electri City

A Case Study

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Trade: Electrical

Size: 2-9 employees

Mr Electri City offers a wide range of electrical services to residential, commercial, industrial and rural clients in the Whangarei Region. The company was launched six years ago by Jerrie and Tracey Coetzee, a husband and wife duo from the Far North.

Jerrie is a fully-qualified and registered electrician with more than 10 years’ experience, who had a desire to break out and become his own boss. His wife, Tracey, was supportive of this decision with their shared goal to get ahead financially. The business operates from their family home in Whangarei, employing a number of staff including apprentices. Jerrie runs the business and Tracey manages the administration.

Starting point

Like most husband and wife duos who work together, Jerrie and Tracey were grappling with clearly defined roles and responsibilities and a clear separation between work and family time. The business was growing but Jerrie was struggling to find the time to work ‘on’ the business as opposed to ‘in’ the business. Working on the business, finding work and managing staff, keeping clients happy and trying to make a profit was never far from his mind.

This all lead to leaving little personal time or thinking space for much else. Jerrie and Tracey agree “We worked 24/7 the business ruled us.”

When Jerrie and Tracey came to be part of Skills Business Advisor Programme they set the goals of:

    • Creating a sustainable structure
    • Gaining a good reputation
    • Growing a more valued business

Jerrie and Tracey’s experience

Jerrie and Tracey experienced lightbulb moments when Trevor, their trade-based Business Advisor, worked with them on time management, staff progression and gross profit. Tracey explained that, “We knew things needed to be done, but Trevor showed us how to do it” and our administration processes have improved as a result. “Being involved with the programme has provided us with the accountability to achieve our objectives and to put things into place instead of just talking about it.”

Trevor has used “everyday language” and for the couple it’s been really helpful that he is “an experienced tradesman with the business knowledge to pass on.”

“We thought that our participation would be more us answering questions, but what we have learned is amazing it has exceeded our expectations.”

The results

Key takeout’s for Mr Electri City:

    • Sales and net profit have increased
    • Better administration processes
    • Better understanding of their opportunities and difficulties
    • Increased accountability

Concluding remarks

For Jerrie and Tracey, being involved in the programme has given them the how. They knew what they wanted to do with the business, they just needed to know how to get there.

Jerrie and Tracey now better understand the opportunities and difficulties Mr Electri City faces and with Trevor’s continued support, they’re looking forward to moving forward as a stronger, more confident team with renewed ambition for their business.