What is Job Match?

Job Match is a new, free service that helps introduce candidates to employers who are looking for apprentices. The service specialises in trades and operates across the Electrical; Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying; Roofing; Scaffolding; and Electronic Security industries. It also supports people wanting to become trainees in the Cranes industry.

With a strong network in the trades, Skills’ Job Match is a new option for employers looking to take on apprenticesBetter yet this service won’t cost you a thing! 


Keep reading below to find out more about this programme and how it can help both employers and job applicants.

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Job applicants

Signing up to an apprenticeship and joining a trade can open you up to whole new and exciting career.  You can earn while you learn and start your career free of a student loan.  You have the opportunity to work on different worksites and do a job that suits your lifestyle more.  To begin your training you need to find an employer, and that’s where Job Match comes in. 

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The benefits of signing up


You can use Job Match, while looking for work yourself, increasing your chances of getting employed faster.


If an apprenticeship doesn’t end up being suitable for you, Job Match will try to help you find other work in the industry

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Job Match is a Skills service, which means getting your apprenticeship up and running will be easier as Skills manages the apprenticeships.


Taking on an apprentice is an exciting time for a business.  It can lead to increased revenue and allows you to give back to your trade while passing on the skills and knowledge you’ve learnt along the way.  

Taking on an apprentice is a return on investment that will pay for itself in no time. It allows you to recruit employees who are keen to work and make a positive impact on your business.  You can introduce them to your company culture and values shaping them to suit your unique business. 

Scroll down to 'Take the next step' to download the registration form.

Apprentices also help your business by:

cost effective

Growing your workforce in a cost-effective way


Working in the business – so that you can work on the business


Keeping you up to date with the latest industry standards as you train others


Introducing fresh ideas, energy and a tech-savvy way of thinking

Take the next step

Getting started is easy, all you need to do is download either the Job Match Applicant registration form or a Job Match Employer registration form below.  The form asks for information that will help us match you with the best possible employers or candidates.

The registration forms are PDF and interactive – so you can type in, save and email to jobmatch@skills.org.nz   Or you can print off, write in, scan/photograph and email in too.  If you are an Applicant, remember to add your CV.

It’s free, easy to sign up to and can help you take your business or career to the next level.  So, what are you waiting for? Email jobmatch@skills.org.nz to find out more or sign up.


Applicant Registration Form      Employer Registration Form
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Terms and conditions

Services like these always come with terms and condition. Ours are simple! However, make sure you read through them carefully before signing up.

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Getting started is easy, all you need to do is fill in the ‘contact us’ form and someone from the Job Match team will be in touch. So, what are you waiting for?