What is Job Match?

Job Match is a new free service to help an employer find an apprentice (or help place people into apprenticeships by finding them an employer).  

This is in the Specialist Trades area of Electrical; Plumbing, Gasfitting & Drainlaying; Roofing; Scaffolding; and Electronic Security. 

With the growth in the construction sector, Industry has asked for this service to be offered, and this is provided by Skills (the Industry Training Organisation).

How much does it cost?

Job Match is a free service to both applicants and employers.

I’m an Employer wanting an Apprentice – what do I do?

Complete the Employer Registration form and email it to jobmatch@skills.org.nz  

The Job Match team will then let you know the next stages.  

How do I fill out the form?

It’s an interactive PDF so you should be able to type in your information, save it, and email it to jobmatch@skills.org.nz 

If you don’t have this facility, print it off, fill it in, scan or photograph it, and email it in.

What if I don’t know or don’t have some of the information asked for?

Complete what you can, and perhaps note when you email the form what information you cannot find/know.

How long will it take for Job Match to find me an Apprentice?

It could take a few days or a few weeks or longer.   

Job Match will try and match the most suitable apprentice for you.   

In some cases, we may not be able to find you a suitable apprentice.

How do you sort out who would make a good apprentice?

We ask applicants many questions re their education/academic, work and life experience and history.   

Where necessary Job Match may put the applicant through additional assessments to ensure they are suitable.  

Or where necessary we will encourage them to get up to speed in any areas lacking before we match them.

How do I know you’ll match me with a good apprentice?

Job Match will do its best to find you suitable person/s from the information we receive.   

However, we ask you (as their prospective employer) to contact their referees.   

It is important you do have some involvement and responsibility in the employment process.  

Skills recommends that before you employ any staff you talk with an HR professional.

What involvement do I have in approving the applicant?

We forward their registration and CV information to you, plus it is your responsibility to contact their referees and therefore give the final approval you wish to take them on. 

Skills recommends that before you employ any staff you talk with an HR professional.

Do I get to meet my prospective apprentice first and can I decide whether I like them or not?

Yes.  It is important you like who you will have working for you and can decide not to go with a particular candidate. 

Conversely, it could be you like your prospective employee, but they may decide not to work for you.

Can I have a trial period before I take the person on as an apprentice?

Yes, this may be suitable to both you and the employee to ensure you are suited to each other.  

There is the Work Experience 90-day trial for employers of less than 20 staff.

Can you guarantee finding me an apprentice?

No.  But Job Match will make best efforts to find you a suitable employee.

What happens if I don’t get an apprentice?

Job Match will do their best, but we suggest you keep looking for your own employee/apprentice while in the Job Match process.

Can I keep looking for an apprentice while I’m trying through Job Match?

Yes.  We encourage you to keep looking for an employee while in the Job Match process.

What happens if the person/s Job Match provides does not work out for me?

The final decision as to whom you employ is up to you.  It is important you work with Job Match in the matching process to ensure you are happy with who you employ to try and avoid this occurring.  

Skills recommends that before you employ any staff you talk with an HR professional

What happens to the information I provide?

Job Match will only share relevant information with prospective employees and the Skills internal team where necessary.

Are there any Terms & Conditions?

Yes. They are listed on the back of the Registration Forms and it is important you read and understand them as well as on the website