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Have you got Industrial Ropes Access unit standards and want the qualification?

You can now apply to have your Industrial Roles Access units awarded to a New Zealand Certificate. You will need to provide confirmation from your employer that you have the competencies to gain the qualification.

What you need to do:

  1. Choose the qualification you are seeking from the following list:
    • New Zealand Certificate in Industrial Ropes Access(Level 3)
    • New Zealand Certificate in Industrial Ropes Access(Level 4)
  2. Check you meet the entry requirements and unit standards  are on your NZQA Record of Learning. Without these, we cannot issue a Certificate for you.
  3. Get your employer to complete the Employer Attestation Form:
  4. Gather your evidence and contact one of the providers below. The provider you select will :
    • Check and advise whether you meet all the requirements of the qualification under the Certificate only process.
    • Identify any gaps
    •  Organise and conduct the “Are you ready for capstone” check
      Day 1 – Your chosen provider will conduct assessment tasks to ensure industry standards are met
      Day 2 – If you have no gaps and meet industry standards , your chosen provider will conduct the IRAANZ CoC challenge assessment (elementary for L3 and intermediate for L4)
    • On successful completion of your IRAANZ CoC challenge, the provider will give you a letter to confirm your achievement of the same.
    • The organisations are:
  5. You are now ready to submit your application to Skills for the Certificate Only process. You will need to complete and submit the below to Skills –
    • Training agreement
    • Skills Application form for Certificate award
    • Portfolio of evidence including:
      • Record of Achievement – that show you have met all the entry requirements and the unit standards within the qualification
      • Letter from the organisation to confirm you have completed the common assessment task
      • Employer Attestation forms
    •  Make the payment

Skills will then:

  1. Process your application
  2. Award the qualification to successful applicants.


  1. Skills processing time is 30 working days. If you do not hear from Skills after a month, you can contact Skills to follow up on your application.
  2. Certificates will be posted to the applicant.