Become a Skills Contracted First Aid Provider 

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To become a Skills Contracted First Aid Provider for our apprentices for the next calendar year, your organisation needs to meet the following criteria:

    1. Be accredited with NZQA to deliver a First Aid course with unit standard outcomes
    2. Be a Category 1 provider holding Consent to Assess with NZQA for any training and assessment you deliver for a Skills trainee
    3. Must be able to report unit standard results directly to NZQA within five working days of the course
    4. The two First Aid courses provided must comprise:     a. Unit standards 6401, 6402 and 6400 with a duration of at least 12 hours
      b. Unit standards 6401, 6402 (one day course)
    5. All trainers and assessors must meet Skills CMR requirements. The document is available on the NZQA website.
    6. Your resources must be pre-moderated and approved by Skills as part of this agreement and have met post moderation requirements with Skills
    7. Must provide a hyperlink to the appropriate course which also creates in your system an invoice to Skills. The invoice needs to be sent to Skills after the course is complete rather than the trainee paying upfront. Payment will only be made once the course is delivered and credits are reported to NZQA. If the provider cannot provide this, no contract will be established with them.
    8. A reassessment due to non-achievement of the unit standards will not be paid by Skills. This must be paid by the trainee /employer
    9. Skills expects the price to be competitive. This will be agreed in contract negotiations.
    10. Skills cannot guarantee volumes as apprentices are not allocated to providers; they chose where they want to go.
    11. From 2021 there will be a charge to become a Skills Contracted Provider to cover ongoing due diligence costs.