Moderation systems and processes are part of the quality management system designed to monitor and evaluate assessment carried out by organisations with consent to assess.

NZQA requires ITOs to operate a moderation system in compliance with our Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR) which is registered with NZQA.

Moderation includes any activity that ensures assessor decisions and judgements are fair, valid, consistent, sufficient and authentic; and reduce variations of interpretation of a unit standard over time. This means where more than one assessor is assessing a particular unit standard, interpretation of the standard is consistent among those assessors. All assessors will be involved with moderation at some time.

Skills is required by NZQA to;

Moderation takes place before and after assessment takes place;

External vs Internal Moderation

Moderation types

Moderation Appeals Process

The Skills Organisation has an open, fair and transparent moderation appeal process. TEOs and assessors have the right to appeal a moderation decision. For more information on our moderation appeal process please contact the Moderation and Assessment team or email us at You will be required to complete a Moderation Appeal form here.