Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) Process

Getting started

You MUST be working in the rigging industry, in order to apply for RCC. Riggers who cannot enter into the RCC process because they are currently not employed in the rigging industry, need to contact Scaffolding, Access and Rigging New Zealand (SARNZ) directly.

If you are working in the industry and interested in undertaking RCC

Download and read the Overview document and Training Agreement & Schedule forms on this page for the qualification you’re interested in applying for.

You can find information on pricing for the relevant qualifications in the Training Agreement & Schedule form. There’s also a section in this form that you’ll need assistance from the Skills Contact Centre to complete.

Once you’ve downloaded and read the forms, before submitting them, you’ll need to contact Skills on 0508 754 557 to make a payment as you need to put the payment authorisation code on the training agreement.

Once your documents are complete, scan and email them through to recognition@skills.org.nz.

Allocation of an Assessor

Skills will assign you an Assessor from SARNZ, who will:

  • contact you to request your declaration form and the supporting evidence documents
  • evaluate the eligibility criteria and declaration form completed by you
  • inform you of a venue, date and time to sit assessment.

Submitting your portfolio and assessment

You will need to build your portfolio, and ensure it includes the following:

  • Completed pre-assessment checklist
  • Logbook showing work experience
  • Work referee form
  • Evidence of meeting the minimum requirements
  • Evidence of formal qualification

Once you have completed this process the Assessor will request you sit a final test.

Processing of your portfolio and assessment

Your SARNZ Assessor will then:

  • assess and evaluate Portfolio and evidence
  • mark the assessment
  • provide feedback to the candidate and to Skills.

Feedback on outcomes

Once the Assessor has processed your submissions, you will be informed one of the following:

  • You have successfully completed RCC and are eligible for the qualification. OR
  • There are skills gaps in the final assessment. We will allow one attempt to re-sit the final assessment. OR
  • There are minor gaps in portfolio and that you need to supply further evidence. OR
  • There are major gaps in your portfolio and that you need to bridge gaps (at your own cost). You will have one year in which to complete this process.

Allocation of the qualification

If you are successful you will be awarded the relevant qualification.