Recognition of Overseas Qualification

Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying

You’ve chosen this option as you want your overseas qualification assessed.

What evidence do I need to supply?

    1. A certified copy of your formal qualification in either plumbing/gasfitting/drainlaying
    2. A certified transcript that relates to your qualification (i.e. the topics covered in the qualification)
    3. Evidence that you have a minimum of four years working full time in the plumbing/gasfitting trade, or a minimum of two years working full time in the drainlaying trade, in the form of letters from current and/or past employer(s) or supervisor(s) which:
      a. List details of the exact types of sanitary plumbing/gasfitting/drainlaying work that you carried out, and
      b. Specify your exact dates of employment (dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy).
    4. Any additional relevant documentation e.g.
      a. Certified copies of invoices, tax records, contracts, design plans, Council / Territorial Authority plans, quotes, consent/permits, testimonials from inspectors, etc.
      b. BCA inspector site inspection paperwork.
      c. Certified copies of other relevant training that can support the application, e.g. specialised training or courses, supplier training etc.
      d. Photographic evidence of work undertaken.

Download our evidence guides to see what your assessor will assess you against:


  • Any letters must be on letterhead, dated and signed by the author.
  • A certified copy is a photocopy of your original document that has been verified by a person authorised to make such declarations, for example, a Justice of the Peace, barrister or solicitor, notary public, court registrar or deputy registrar, or a Member of Parliament.
  • High school transcripts are not required.
  • Any evidence submitted must be in English.


NZ$862 (including GST) per application per trade.

Making Payments

Currently we are only accepting payment by credit card. Please note, you will receive an invoice for your records. No further payment is required on this invoice.

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