Registered Workplace Assessor:
Code of Practice

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Assessor responsibilities

  • Provide fair valid assessment of trainees that is consistent with the national standard. This is to be applied by following Best Practice in Assessment.
  • Ensure Health and Safety is maintained throughout the assessment process. If during the assessment you believe that anyone’s safety, plant or property is at risk, you MUST stop the assessment immediately.
  • Provide results of assessment to The Skills Organisation within two weeks of assessment (or per industry requirement).
  • Complete at least 3 assessments per year of registration.
  • Encourage and support the on-going learning of trainees.
  • Ensure that the current versions of assessment resources are used.
  • Ensure you assess to your allocated assessor scope.
  • Any personal information obtained from Skills may only be collected, held, used and distributed in accordance with the Privacy Act1993. This includes protecting and safely storing any assessment resources.
  • Do not disclose any model answers and/or assessor guides of assessment to those that are not permitted to access them.
  • Take part in at least 2 on-going assessor forums, moderation activities, workshops or webinars as requested by The Skills Organisation during your registration as an assessor.
  • Keep completed assessment documents for at least 12 months for moderation purposes.
  • Tell The Skills Organisation when employment or contact details change, or you are no longer available to assess.
  • Not to take part in any assessment until your assessor registration is approved.
  • Declare any potential conflict of interest prior to assessment taking place